Support people in your group to share ideas and commit to a common action plan.  Boost your team’s performance.  Draw out the expertise of individual team members. Develop commitment to a common goal.  Facilitated sessions are a great way to diffuse tension within your team and get everyone on the same page.

‘Our leadership team formed excellent relationships and is committed to action because of the engagement Mia achieved when she facilitated our strategic planning session’. – Michael

Mia is an energetic and action oriented facilitator.  She has more than 15 years experience facilitating internal and external group meetings.  This includes facilitating strategic planning, business planning, team building and special issues sessions. Mia’s experience spans the Australian Public Service, Australian non-profit organisations, International NGOs and the United Nations.

Mia provides five key types of facilitation services:

Strategic Planning

As a strategic planning  specialist, Mia supports government and non-profit organisations to make a difference by engaging with their stakeholders, using evidence to make decisions and bringing people together to commit to a common purpose. In August 2017, Mia delivered a webinar on strategic planning in ‘for purpose’ organisations.

Recent Strategic Planning clients include: ACT Government, Policy and Cabinet Division and the Australian Government’s, Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Indigenous Affairs Group, Information and Evaluation Branch.

Business Planning and program design

Mia’s business planning and program design expertise draws from her experience in government and the NGO sector.  Mia will use evidence, including input from stakeholders, to inform your business planning.  She will support people in your group to share ideas and commit to a common action plan.  Mia will support you to have an exciting, purposeful approach to measuring your business and program’s success.

Recent business planning and program design clients include: Canberra City Uniting Church’s Early Morning Centre, the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator.

Change Management

Mia’s approach to facilitating change management processes is people centred, collaborative and focused on change that makes a difference.  Mia delivered a the successful Change Management Capability review for the Clean Energy Regulator, including engagement with staff across the agency and building change management capability through targeted training.  Mia uses change management models, like ADKAR, circles of influence and the phases of transition to support best practice planning, engagement and delivery of change processes.

Recent clients include: the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator and the Australian Government’s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Team building 

Mia supports people to understand themselves and their team to unlock their full potential.  Facilitated team building sessions are fun and engaging.  They make a lasting difference to your team’s productivity and communication.  Mia uses the DiSC model to support a conversation about the way each member of the team prefers to work and to plan for a tangible improvement in the workplace.

Recent clients include: ACT Legislative Assembly, Ministerial Office team; Australian Government, Clean Energy Regulator, Communications team.

Special issues facilitation

Facilitated sessions are a great way to diffuse tension within your team and get everyone on the same page.  They’re a great way to support people moving forward, with a better understanding of what needs to happen, and why in a time of change.  Mia is experienced at facilitating in an environment of conflict, where there are tight timeframes and the stakes for delivery are high.

Recent special issues clients include the ACT Government and the ACT Greens.